About me

Hi there,
My name is Ken Coghlan and I am a 28 year old typewriter collector, enthusiast, and budding repairman living in the backwoods of Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. In this blog I will post before and after pictures of typewriter restoration projects I am working on, as well as recent typewriter acquisitions, sightings and just about anything typewriter related.

I also write speculative fiction in the vein of Philip K. Dick. I will post first drafts of short stories written with a typewriter and would love to hear some constructive criticism.

For a living, I pour concrete for an industrial/commercial construction company, specializing in power plants and the like. I love my job and will often have stories to tell from work. 

I love to get in contact with other collectors, so please drop me a line if you have a type-in coming up or anything of that nature...along with anything, really. Email is:

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