Sunday, December 8, 2013

Look guys, I'm not dead!

Myself and Cam, under the cedar in The Woods.

Visiting Old Sacramento. This was the best photo-op ever. Connected and separated by the same thing...

ALSO--I know a bunch of you are waiting for letters from me. I'm working through the backlog of correspondence now, so they'll be getting to you sooner than later. Sorry for the wait!


  1. Great to see you on your blog again.
    And once again... Sorry (you know what for).
    50+ page letters? Gosh. I know I could manage enough material to write them, but... wow! That's a parcel and a half every time! You clearly love writing.
    Hope to hear more about your Olympias.

    And Cameron is such a great guy. Looks like you two had a brilliant time.

  2. I figured you'd been busy, Ken, but wow! Eleven books in a month! And time spent Living In The Woods would have been relaxing, too. You and Cameron don't look too stressed in those photos. Must be the country air.
    Good to see you back!

  3. Wow, what a month.

    It is great how the typosphere and the US Mail can bring together a couple of friends who are separated by thousands of miles and, well, a few years.

    Looking forward to your SG1 comparison.

  4. Great to see and read a post from you again. I thought you must be working quite a bit of OT. Good that you got to meet Cameron and James.
    Seems you have had a busy month. How do you get to read all those books? You are great competition for my grandson who reads, reads, and reads more. I wish I could at least make my goal of one non-technical book a month.

    Nice SG1. I too look forward to the comparison.

  5. Good to see your smiling faces but ouch! I can hear your typing table creaking and groaning under the weight of that SG. I hope you are enjoying the Vonnegut - I'm a big fan.

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  7. Thanks for this post, Ken! Brings back very good memories.

    It WAS a great visit, and hard to believe that it happened nearly 4 months ago already.

    Fantastic typewriter with excellent typeface. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your letter using this latest addition to your collection.

    The Congressional Elite "read" very well on the page, and would be excellent to use in your fiction writing, too.

  8. I'm jealous of the SG-1. And with that great typeface - wow! Based on my SM-3s, and the general improvement in smoothness of operation of standards over equivalent portables is any guide, that machine must be pretty sweet.

  9. I've been looking for one of those! I'm really glad you found that great deal - and what a nice typeface!!

  10. Hope you are still not dead. Any chance you'll come to Herman's meeting next month?