Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Archive

Leila, desperately clutching a 1914 book of 'Modern Furniture'. At $40, she ended up putting it back on the vast shelf behind her.

The Archive can be found HERE AT THEIR WEBSITE.

I do not claim any ownership of the included passages by Jack Finney; merely using them for a review. The ownership is that of the rightful copyright holder.


  1. You never hear anybody talk about this model! I almost bid on one but went for a late style SM9 instead.

  2. The Archive. What a wonderful name for such an amazing store! I'm slightly jealous...

  3. Great bookstore, and nice score on the PKD!
    I suspect we might have some better data on Olympia and other brands from 1973 to 1980 soonish. stay tuned!

  4. Thanks for the virtual tour of the bookstore. I have not seen any that huge. I miss the ones I used to visit in PA and VA. Here we have one and it is in Daytona Beach.

  5. What an interesting post -- so much variety!

    Great typewriter. Interesting that it was made so late. That elite typeface has a lot of character. (No pun intended.)

    I just did a search for that Jack Finney book online at my local library site. No luck...but they DO have "About Time: 12 stories". Could this be the same book?

  6. Great bookstore. There are perhaps a handful like it left in my city.

  7. Nick- You hardly ever see them around, either. They are nice machines, I must say. Of course, I think you made the right decision on the SM9. Can't beat that machine!

    Spiderwebz- I'm surprised I didn't hear of it sooner. My father-in-law turned me onto the place, and I will be haunting their location for years to come.

    Ted- I look forward to any further information I can find on this, and other late model Olympias. Considering where I'm at in my Olympia collection, those are the ones I don't have...but will soon. Keep me posted!

    Bill- Between this place and the Book Barn, I'm set for used book stores. Now, of course, I'm spoiled. Anything smaller just seems...quaint. Ha!

    Cam- The elite of the Monica is fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised by it...I bought it without seeing the typeface, as they hardly ever come up on the Bay. As for Jack Finney; yes, I do believe 'About Time: 12 Stories' is the same collection, just reissued years later. If they have it at your library, I highly suggest it. Fantastic!

    Teeritz- There's A HANDFUL of stores like this near you? Damn, and I thought I was special for having two close by. Good for you, man.