Sunday, April 14, 2013

To Dust


  1. Very nice! I like the spin at the end, when the teacher is suddenly telling the story about Zack instead of Dan.

  2. Also, before anyone posts the obvious, I am going to have to change the planet. That's what I get for just typing what comes to mind first (after a whole bunch of PBR). So, for now, just imagine Jupiter being another, less gaseous, planet. Ha!

  3. Very well-written and provocative story. I enjoyed reading it.

    You are really coming along in your fiction! Someday I'll be saying, "I knew him when..."

    Interesting choice of last name for Zack. ;-)

  4. Hi Ken, I love your style of storytelling, just making the twist at the end that ties the theme, everything, together. How Dan believes in the futility of everything, just how pointless everything is, but he actually performed the most significant thing and sacrificed his life for the survival of humanity through Zack. But in the future, his role was reduced to something insignificant anyway, something that is easily dismissed or taught in a small way, just like he suspected, so he was right in a way. And I can imagine that even though a few years only separated Dan and Zack, Dan must have felt a lifetime older than Zack because of Zack's ambition, his hope, his incredible outlook.

    Poor Dan though. I hope that he didn't die thinking he was still "meaningless." Though interestingly, according to this story, Dan's story is the most memorable out of everything, even Zack's. :)

    Very nice story, and thank you for sharing it with me!