Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catching up (new typewriter find/review, Nano news, plus a new watch)

Exhaust vents...

SG1 and SG3. The ribbon guard on the SG1 is a bit taller, but the SG3 is far more bulbous.

Father and son: SM9 and SG3.


  1. Great machine! Now I want one. Cool typeface, and nice design lines.

    You could use those mathematical symbols as interesting borders -- I used to alternate the %+%+%+%+%+%+%+% symbols a lot as a kid.

    You really HAVE been busy! Glad to see this post.

    Thanks for posting a pic of the SG1 and SG3. They do look like giant SM3's and SM9's, respectively.

  2. Ooh - math symbols! I have some too - two greek letters on a special typeslug on my Olivetti Studio 44 and a couple more, including Pi, on my Corona 3. I don't really have practical use fro them either - but they look awesome. And your infinite-symbol is exceptionally cool!

  3. Very nice SG3. I would almost go for one myself, but space is really at a premium in my house.
    Nice Seamaster, Ken. Early Seventies, I think. This one will hold its value and is worth looking after.
    As for your new-found watch addiction, happy to be of service! Your wife probably hates my guts. Don't read my latest post about Omegas, ha, ha!
    And yes, nothing beats a sweep-seconds hand.
    And big congrats on all the NaNo writing that you did!

  4. Very nice SG3. Those Greek symbols are fantastic. I have had an SG3 on my wish list for about a year, but with space limitations I had to pass on the 2 I actually located at a good price. Congratulations on NaNo and that great looking watch.

  5. Great writing machine, that SG3.

    I bet you can find a use for an infinity symbol in your PKD-style fiction!

  6. Very nice - I always like extra symbols. I'd like to know more about your watch acquisition - where you got it, etc., It looks great!

  7. I love the new Panzer and the watch. The math keys are a nice bonus. I don't use our math machine nearly enough.

  8. What a beast. I love it! You know, that was my first typewriter, back in 92, when I told my mother I wanted a manual. She took me to a local office supply store on Cape Cod (there's a Staples there now) and that was the one they recommended. It lacked the special characters of course. They sold it to us fully restored for $50.

    I moved that thing so many times that I finally donated it to the dump swap shop in disgust back in 2000, thinking "good riddance. I'll never use a typewriter again."

    Ten years later and my wife picks up a roadside freebie and I'm off collecting the damned things. Never found another SG3, though.