Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review- Olympia Socialite (Plus, Nano news)


  1. Very nice typewriter. After completing my SM7 I almost bid on one of these. I have one on my wish list. I want an SM9 first. I am interested if the Socialite has the Olympia feel and if it is any better that the Skyriters. The touch on a Skyriter is hard to beat.

    I wonder if the space bar has a metal piece under it like a Hermes 3000. I had one that had a bent space bar. The arms were fine. When I took the bar off I noticed it had metal under it that was bent. I straightened it and the bar is better, but still not perfect.

    Best of Luck with NaNo.

  2. You're adding to your already glorious Olympia line-up -- what a great typewriter this Socialite is!

    Interestingly enough, I was just about to ask you if Olympia made an ultra portable. Now I know!

    Sounds like you're progressing on NaNo. Keep those typebars swingin'.

  3. Good job with the writing!

    I agree that these are great little typewriters, probably the best of the tinies.

  4. For sure the olympia beats the Empire Aristocrat! But what about the Groma Kolibri? Have you had a chance to compare?