Tuesday, October 30, 2012

(Review) - Blue Bird + storm updates and NaNo news

Alright, for those interested, here is the link to the story:
The World Blinked

Probably best to view the album in full screen with the option to the right. Yes, these is a typewritten first draft. Thanks to anyone who takes a look!

Also, here is the aftermath of writing this until 3am:

Sadly, my writing partner couldn't be in this picture. I just don't know where that case of Pabst got off too...


  1. Great to see the Blue Bird being used for what it was made for. Blue Bird + Blue Ribbon = story!

    I look forward to reading your story (and the one by another author that you sent me a link to, thanks) when I get a breather.

  2. Nice little machine there! I've just acquired my first SM3 recently, and I have to say I am largely of the same impression of that machine. But I'll review that further down the road.

    Great to hear that you have seen out the storm with a minimum of fuss. Could of days off work probably helped you get into the frame of mind for your writing projects anyway... and wet and stormy days are great writing days. I'm looking forward to a few good ones during the QLD (not QDL) storm season.

    Now... off to read those short stories.

  3. Nice Blue Bird, Ken! Similar shpe to the SMs 2 & 3, which is a good thing. I'm glad the storms haven't been as fierce as they could be.
    Keep writing.

  4. Fantastic typewriter. Now I want one!

    I found a Blue Bird on eBay UK that is the same color as yours. Did this model come in any other colors? -- just curious.

    Very glad to hear you weathered the storm well.

    Your NaNo project sounds promising. I don't think you're cheating, now that I know that you're facing 60-hour work weeks ahead!

    1954 was a very good year -- that's when Cameron was made. ;-)

    In what range of years was the Blue Bird made?

  5. @Richard- The blue ribbon goes great with the Blue Bird, yes. The other story I linked you to was something I read on a writing forum that I thought you might like. Let me know what you think of mine when you get the chance!

    @Scott- The SM3 is a very nice typewriter, indeed. Congrats! Then again, it IS an Olympia...

    @Teeritz- It is definitely a good thing! I love the design of this typewriter. And yes, it could have been far far worse.

    @Cameron- Here is a link to a very informative post that Robert did a while back:
    That article has all sorts of info on these machines, along with plenty of pictures. Yes, they did come in a variety of colors, many two toned, all beautiful.
    I am not exactly sure when production started on the Model 18, but it looks like around 1940 according to the database.
    1954 was a VERY good year, apparently.

  6. That looks nearly identical to Richard's Eichner, which, if I remember correctly, is also a re-named Torpedo. The EIchner I saw is of the same color but the keys are powder blue rather than grey. If it's a Torpedo, then I'm sure you're really going to enjoy the typing action.

    So how many in total did you acquire from RIchard? I lost count!

  7. That's a cool machine, great touch on those torpedoes and their clones. Love the picture with the animals.

  8. That Torpedo/Bluebird is tasty! I love my Torpedo 18. Is the cat wearing a hoodie?

  9. Just took some photos with my Torpedo yesterday, and after this post, I write a couple of sentences on it. It really has an exteremely fast and light touch, but I think the shift is a bit harder, which always irritates me.
    On keytops: I think your keytops are Bluebird keytops, as my 816832 has the "normal", less edgy ones.
    Oh, and I think I like the Bluebird name much better than the martial Torpedo.

  10. I am sure this is the first time I have heard of a Bluebird and the first time I saw one. Now I want one. It sounds like you have a fantastic typewriter. congratulations! Like one of my Skyriters from 54, its as old as me. I'm also from 54.

    It is good you did not get hit with the storm. NY and most of NJ were located on the worst part or at the worst part of the storm. NE is always worse.

    Good Luck with NaNo. I do not even make an attempt due to lack of time and lack of talent. I like your stories and will be following the link in hopes of at least having time to read.

  11. Oddly enough, I got a 1954 Blue Bird last week, on its home turf, and concur on its speed and workmanlike qualities. I thought it was fantastic, until I directly compared it with my Imperial Good Companion 5, which has a similar sort of typing action though perhaps not quite as forthright. The carriage return of my Blue Bird, which I notice you say is 'smooth and reasonably quiet', although 'not silent', I didn't really notice as a drawback while I was happily typing away. It was only when I put it next to the Imperial, which glides very smoothly and quietly, whereas the Blue Bird has the sound of a hefty zipper in comparison. I'd be interested to know whether this rings any bells with you, as I'm intrigued whether the carriage return on mine is 'normal' or whether I could improve it. If it wasn't for the carriage return, I'd say it was the perfect typewriter.

  12. Torpedo is probably the snappiest feeling type writer ever made. You got a good deal on that one. Richard has others so he won't miss this one.

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