Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's about Time for some typewriter spottings! (A special thanks to Teeritz!)

Look at all of those math symbols!

Sorry for the blurry pictures...I was spasming at the sight of the typewriters. Also, I took them on my phone.

Like a castle...

I didn't get pictures of the entire layout. This just the back room.

Part of the upstairs.

I really liked this room. Reminded me of an old General Store, what with the pots and pans hanging from the shelves.

It has obviously been around the block more than once, considering the wear. But this Hamilton has been keeping great time these past few hours. Of course, the jury is out until I have worn it for a while. Nevertheless, I really, really like it.


  1. Very nice antique store visit, too bad the typewriters were pricey. That Adler looks really attractive. I like your Hamilton watch, great score. I do have a couple of wind-up vintage watches, one Swiss-made, the other, Soviet.They've got a lot of character.

    You should have brought home the taxidermized duck, it would've looked perfect with your Hermes Ambassador. ( :

    1. I kind of thought the duck WAS for us, seeing as Leila loves taxidermy. I think Tom has become too attached to it, though. We have a Jackelope (look it up?) hanging about the doorway to our living room, and the main source for light in the living room comes from the deer foot wall sconce!

      Also, two feet to my left, next to Leila's LC Smith is a bear foot on a pedestal...HA!

  2. Classy watch!

    My heart would have stopped if I'd run into a booth like that in an antique mall, full of typewriters. That is a rare event -- and they're not all run-of-the-mill machines. But I have to agree that the prices are steep. Too bad.

  3. Wow! That was a fabulous, if unattainable, group of typewriters. The prices were high, but I am a total freak when it comes to custom keyboards and old German steel.

    I like the watch you picked and hope it works well for years to come.

  4. Score! Nice Hamilton, Ken! Looks like a late '50s to
    early '60s, based on the numeral font. Slight water damage on the dial, but that's to be expected sometimes on a watch of that vintage. The seller seems like he's there to help you if you have any issues with it. And, there were enough of these made that it will be straight-forward to service when the time comes. Nice pick-up. Be sure to give it a wind by hand once a week or so. Ten or fifteen winds should be enough. Otherwise, as long as you keep moving, it'll keep winding. Congrats!
    Nice typewriter spotting, too.

  5. Oh, man, does this bring back memories! I used to frequent all those shops and Q-Mart ten years ago. Thanks for the pics. I have bought from all of them but I didn't know about typewriters then. When I think now of what they might have had on the tables, and their prices, in those days ...! The one you tag as pricey was the highest back then, too. Thanks.
    == Michael Höhne

    1. It's great that someone else here has been to Q-Mart! Who wouldn't? When they keep telling us "Bargains are our business!"

      Remember that song? Yea, they still play it.

  6. That is a classy watch! I may have to have you shop there for me, if I can afford it.
    That's a great lineup of typers in that store too. I would have plotzed at that!

  7. I'm glad you found a Hamilton! It suits you.

    Re. those antique store typewriter prices: OUCH! I'm amazed the Smith-Corona was "only" $70 in a sea of $200-plusses.

    I drooled just slightly over that black Selectric with all the extras. $200 is still too steep, though.

    Nice to see a picture of Leila!!

  8. Very nice watch!

    It is good to find a local watch person. One reason I have yet to get much of any kind of a good watch is I do not know the first thing about working on a watch and have too much else going on to spend on the needed tools and oils and time to learn.

    All those typewriters! Especially the Adler. I would have had to go above my budget and even rely on a credit card and perhaps an unhappy wife (at least until I bought her something or done something special for her), but that machine would have followed me home.

    That antique store is great. Reminds me of some I visited when I lived in PA and the many I visited in VA.

  9. my heart skipped a few beats just looking at the pictures of that group of typers. think i'll forget to breathe if i am actually there! ;)