Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Damn you all to hell."--Tom Hanks, Typewriter Collector

Here is the link to the podcast:
Tom Hanks interviewed by Nerdist

Remember; if you are just looking for the bit about typewriters, it starts about an hour and seven minutes in, or 1:07:00. Give or take. Enjoy!


  1. very nice. Don't forget to take a camera to the collectors' meeting

  2. Thanks for this, Ken. I'll definitely listen to it.
    Looking forward to your post on the collector's meeting!

  3. Thanks for the post. Have a great time at the collector's meeting.

  4. Thanks for the entertaining post! My favorite line was Tom Hanks referring to the typewriter made of monkey paws. Gotta love a word nerd with a darkish sense of humor.

  5. He is one of us, and he can't help it.

  6. I should have KNOWN that someone in the Typosphere would post about Tom Hanks' letter before I did, just now. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing it & the podcast with us, and have a FANTASTIC time at the typewriter collector's meeting!

    I can hardly wait for your post about it. Take lots of pictures!

  7. Tom is just a downright lovable guy, ain't he?

    Thanks for letting us know when the typewriter talk begins. It was fun.

  8. I feel that there's a fair bit of Erika/Bijou pride on here of late. It's been great!

    Oh, and thanks for the mention! Love ya work.

  9. Ive been a giant Tom Hanks fan nearly all my life. As a child, he was my 2nd favorite, after Steve Martin of course. Only when I neared teenagedom did I slowly drift away from them.
    Still I remained loyal but only after watching everything Gary Oldman.
    And when I found out Tom liked typewriters, I thought cool.
    Something has bothered me since the Venice Type-In and I think I might share it now.
    Tom Hank's typewriter repairman is Ermanno from Star Office Machines. Ermanno has fixed dozens of them for him. And for years! However, he has never met the man. Thats right: never, not once. It's always some assistant who calls and drops it off and picks it up. For years!
    My heart sunk. Disappointed.
    That child in me who revered Tom Hanks can't help but feel faked out.

  10. i've been a tom hank's fan since forrest gump's - "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.". great post. :)

  11. Glad to hear you all enjoyed it. Anyone take the time to listen to the entire interview? Tom is a funny, funny man. And his Arnold impersonation, among others, was fantastic!