Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Ambassadorial review and sky-high photos

Here is one of the columns I was pouring.

Behind bars.

Those down there are the cages of steel that go into these columns. Massive, as you can tell by the person (that tiny green dot) standing beside one of them.

The concrete pump (left) and my high reach (right) down below.

The start of the other columns on this foundation. (Notice all of the spots holding water on the foundation? Those damn South Jersey finishers can't make anything flat!)

A bit of the jobsite. You can see, directly ahead, our next big pour (already formed up and ready to go). Beyond that, you can see the steel in place for the next pour after that, which is the same thing as the one before it.

Here is a picture of the last one of these turbines I did. The columns I am pouring now are inside of that labyrinth of scaffolding. The bit at the top is what we call the 'table-top'. For reference, this is eight foot thick of concrete. The columns are 22'(and 63/64"!) high. On the job I am on now, the columns are about 30', and the table-top is ten foot thick.
Just thought I would share these pictures with you guys. Pictures from high reaches are always nice.


  1. Interesting pictures from the construction site. Those really are massive columns.

    Those big spools inside the Ambassador are for a carbon ribbon, and the black setting on the ribbon color selector switches from cloth to carbon ribbon.

    If you need any parts, let me know, I've got a parts Ambassador like this one.

  2. Hey, thanks for posting pics from your construction projects, really cool! Our work environments are at polar opposites; you build some mighty forty-foot columns while I construct pass or fail columns for students. ( :

    Your Ambassador does have a neat typeface and I can see what a cool feature the paper injector is. But I do think it should be re-named Hermes Leviathan, that machine is a total monster!

  3. What a beast! How is the sound level compared to the Olympia counterpart?

    I love the job site photos. One of the ironies of my job is that I do policy for concrete coatings and sealants but I never have a chance to get out to see projects.

  4. Another Hermes with Techno!

    I got my 5th Hermes the other week, and I think I'm a convert. And ambassador, or a 9 would be.... awesome, but space consuming. Robert Messenger offered me one, but I had to decline - only because there was no way to get it on the plane.

    I'm not surprised that it is bigger than the SG1. I have one, and I'd put the Hermes I have seen at almost twice the bulk.

    Those are some serious columns... What are they going to be forming the structure of?

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful Ambassador.

    I'd have one if I had room or could find one locally (then I would find a way to make some room). I have heard all kinds of good about the Ambassador. Yours has the Hermes Techno typeface. It was available in elite and pica S7 & S9 respectively on the type slugs if I remember without looking at my cheat sheet. I have 2 Hermes Techno machines and Techno is one of my favorite typefaces.

  6. My 3000 has that typeface. I think Hermes called it Senatorial, if that hasn't been mentioned already. nice machine, I'm still looking for one.

  7. love that techno typeface! one which is still under my wish list.:(

  8. Something I forgot to mention with the first comment, TP will be on the slugs for Techno Pica