Monday, October 29, 2012

Addendum: Cameron's Nano 2012 explained


  1. Thanks for posting this accurate assessment of what will transpire during this year's NaNo, Ken!

    A couple additional details: I will be recording the interviews with James on a ***RETRO*** +++fUnKy+++ %%%aToMiC%%% @@@VINTAGE@@@ portable cassette recorder, in keeping with the lo-tech aspect of transcribing the novel on typewriters. I've got two portable cassette recorders to choose from, and need to test them out in the next couple of days.

    Another interesting aspect of this year's NaNo will be writing hopefully most of it in the RIVER CABIN, which I have yet to document in my blog. This entails firing up the wood stove in order to keep warm. There is also no electricity in the cabin. (Better stock up on batteries and kerosene...)

    I will probably not embellish anything that James says; he'll do all that on his own!

  2. Very well written Ken. I hope Cameron posts his novel for this year's NaNO. He is a very wonderful writer and has great talent in so many areas of his life. I think whatever he writes will be very interesting.

    Aside from NaNo I hope you and Leila (I hope I remembered how to correctly spell her name) are prepared for Frankenstorm. Your area is in the NE quadrant of the storm which is the worst. Hopefully the storm will quiet a bit before it gets to the Keystone. The projections appear to make it look like Philly may take a big hit though. I know where I used to live the mountains help some, but when the storms come from the east I learned to batten down the hatches and plan for long busy days at the fire station.

  3. Sounds like a great plan, Cameron!

  4. I love reading the 'back stories' of people's writing plans. Thanks for posting this. And good luck to all NaNo Writers!