Thursday, October 25, 2012

A week of reviews (Part Seven)- Groma Model N

EDIT: After looking the Groma over once more, I am leaning more and more towards it being repainted. The front right of the frame must have been cracked, as it has been repaired at some point. There is a bracket on the inside of this bit of frame, held there with several screws. I didn't really notice it at first, as the heads of the screws are painted the same maroon, which makes me definitely think the entire machine was repainted this color, along with the spools. No matter; I really love the color!


  1. I love that color and how the light plays off of it.

  2. This is one of those rare cases where the material wasn't selected for its ability to last forever. I love the complex shapes they achieved with plastic, but there is a lot of stress where the attachment screws pass through the side.

    You are lucky to have a QWERTY Groma. That is a very nice machine!

    I have six days of blogs to catch up with including you week in typewriter reviews. Perhaps this weekend...

  3. Great looking machine. Congratulations! I have had one on my wish list for several months. One really neat thing about yours is it it QWERTY and not QWERTZ.

  4. A very nice machine, well covered. I think that having the GROMA emblem reproduced on the paper support arm is one of those tiny, wonderful touches that really gives a machine character. I have a much later Groma Combina, but I'd like to try a carriage shifted Groma like yours someday. Those red plastic keytops are eye catching; at this moment I have no clue whether they're factory or not!

  5. Another great addition to your QUICKLY-growing collection!

    The Groma's typeface is very attractive; clear and rather tall and boxy. It reminds me of the typeface of my Underwood 5.

    You have so many interesting typewriters that it would be cool to demonstrate what each character looks like. I'm very curious about the numbers on this one.

    I suddenly realize that I don't have any maroon typers in my collection. ;-)

  6. I haven't any Gromas at all, so this was of particular interest to me. excellent review!

  7. Beautiful machine!

    When I got my Model N, I thought I will resell it as soon as possible but after tipping with it for a while I started to really like it. This typewriter has very unique typing action.

    Mine has all plastic green colored keys. Now I only miss green metal ribbon spools.

  8. I'm glad you got the ribbon advance working easily.

    I will miss this machine, it's a beauty, but I just don't have room for all my beloveds. I am glad that it's in good hands.

    To provide a little provenance: I bought this typewriter from collector Ed Quiring of Idaho in 1997. I stopped by his house during a cross-country trip and found to my disappointment that he had sold almost all of his excellent typewriter collection -- which funded the nice house! But this was one of his few remaining machines. He showed it to me and challenged me to name the make. I was stumped. Finally he pulled out the paper rest and pointed to the Groma emblem at its base.

    Ed's 1979 dissertation is titled "The History of The Typewriter in the United States From 1933 Through 1977." You can see a picture of Ed here.

  9. Did this come with a case? I'm curious what it looks like.

    Splendid review. I do enjoy how you go over what's wrong with it and what you did to fix it.

  10. @AWAT- Yes, glossy machines are absolutely gorgeous!

    @Dwayne- It is always nice to find a QWERTY typewriter with the rest of the key layout in the German fashion, in my opinion. Have to get used to it, of course, but I like it better.

    @Bill- I, too, had been looking at these for a little while before I bought this one. It is a very nice machine; definitely worth getting your hands on if you can.

    @Will- Now, after looking through some pictures, I believe them to be factory. The Groma emblem on the paper support is a really nice touch...just kinda wish it had the rest of the decals as well. A beautiful machine, nonetheless.

    @Cameron- You know, I always think of doing a type sample with posts...but just forget about it when I sit down to type. Thanks for the reminder! I will do one for each machine from now on, for sure!

    @Peter- This is, unfortunately, my only Groma. There are so many nice ones out there, though. I hope we both find more soon!

    @Raivo- Yes, I have seen those models with the plastic keys. They look rather nice! I can greatly understand your not wanting to part with the Groma...a great machine, it is.

    @Richard- Thanks for the inside information about the typewriter. That is a neat little history, and I am a bit saddened that you had to let it go...but only a bit! Thanks a bunch!

    @Michael- The case is there, but pretty beaten! There is tape all over it, holding it together is my guess. It is about the same color as the machine, though, which looks nice. And thanks!

  11. Guys, please help. found a broken machine. need to be repaired. where to get the description of the details? instructions or anything else