Saturday, October 20, 2012

A week of reviews (Part Four)- Ideal A4


  1. That is one stunning typewriter, it's great that Richard offered this to you. The prop rental piece is definitely added value. Congrats!

  2. Oh my, that is one hell of an awesome machine. Richard is such a great guy! (no Richard, I'm not sucking up to buy something from you).

    Interesting about the Sucker Punch scene being cut. I have seen the movie, and I'm curious about where it might have fit in.

    But that is one hell of a great machine!

  3. That Ideal is amazing! I've never seen one before. First thing I noticed in your first picture is the cool carriage return lever. I add another machine to my wish list. Between you and Robert Messenger my list keeps getting longer while by storage space and bank account stay the same!

    Congratulations on all your neat new machines.

  4. This is a CRAZY-COOL typewriter! I've never seen anything like it.

    The carriage return lever reminds me of a slot machine handle!

    What vintage is this machine, do you know?

  5. That is truly awesome! I especially love the side latticework, and the hood-scoop typebar arrangement. very hotrod. With more to review and more coming I don't know how you will top this but I will certainly watch with interest.

  6. @Ton- Stunning is a very appropriate word. Yes, I was rather excited to hear about the movie bit...even though I have never seen the movie.

    @Scott- He is, isn't he? Always giving back to the community he loves! I have absolutely no information about that movie...I don't even know what it's about! I remember seeing posters, I think, but was never really all that interested in it. I, too, will have to look into it.

    @Bill- That carriage return lever really does catch the eye, doesn't it. The Typosphere has done so many things to my ongoing wishlist...I'm not sure what sorts of machines I would have now if not for suggestions and lust!

    @Cameron- You should have seen the carriage return lever on Herman's S& was exactly like a slot machine handle! I think you can see it in the pics on the Collectors Meeting post. A remarkable machine, that one. This particular Ideal was manufactured in 1914, although production on the precursory models started around 1900.

    @Peter- I know...I know... I really wanted to save the Ideal for last, but I have had it sitting on my coffee table since I brought it home, and really couldn't wait to share it with all of you. I am not sure that I CAN top it, really, but I do have a few more to show you guys.

  7. You're welcome! I am glad to see this typewriter in good hands.

    Looks like it will type OK once you figure out how to get the lowercase letters down to the level of the uppercase. Probably there's a simple adjustment, just a couple of screws to turn perhaps, although it often takes me a while to find where to fix vertical alignment on an unfamiliar model. I have never worked seriously on my Ideals.

    The typewriter was meant to be in a German WWI field office in a scene in Sucker Punch. I watched the WWI scenes several times on the DVD but couldn't spot the typewriter.

  8. These are indeed beautiful and amazing machines - it's nice to see yours in such close detail. We are lucky enough to have a 1904 Ideal A2 here (serial 13023) and it's one of our favorites. What is the serial number of yours? I saw it in the trunk of your car on Saturday at Herman's and I recall saying to you as we were leaving that it was one heck of a typewriter. Congratulations are in order for you - and Richard sure is a great guy!

  9. Yum. That's one great machine. -- Rob

  10. @Richard- I actually think the uppercase letters need adjusting, to tell the truth. Before I used it a bunch, any shifted characters were way WAY lower than everything else...probably because the shift needed to be worked time and again.

    @Will- Sorry about that...I had written about the serial number and all of that, but apparently didn't include the text. It is in there now, though. The serial is 98422, which places it in 1914. Yea, I heard a few people call out after I opened the trunk. Ha!

    @Rob- It really is!

    1. My theory is that the Ideal's lowercase letters are too high because their bottom prints darker than their top and you can see the top of the corresponding uppercase letters showing up a couple of lines below each printed lowercase letter.

    2. Ah, a very good point indeed. I had nearly forgotten about the bit of shadowing of the capital letters underneath the printed line. Hmm...I have some adjusting to do!

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