Sunday, October 21, 2012

A week of reviews (Part Five)- Rheinmetall (Plus, a new watch & displaying some restraint...)

It was so difficult to get a decent close-up of this watch...everything reflects off it! I really like the black dial of this watch, as it is completely different than my Hamilton. The hands have some sort of inlay, and the numbers seem to be made of the same material. The dial reads: Waterproof, Shockabsorber, Antimagnetic, and Swiss. I have to look around on the internet and try to find out what make this is, though. I still like my Hamilton better, but figured it would be nice to change it up every once in a while. This one is a manual winding watch, and is still keeping decent time. Let's see how it does after I've been wearing it all day, though.

EDIT: I believe I have at least found the same make of watch here on Etsy. Now, this is not the exact same watch, but I do believe it is at least the same brand.


  1. Congratulations on the Rheinmetall. Nice repair job.

    It seems Adler may have copied the carriage design. All my Adlers require only the removal of 2 screws and the carriage assembly lifts right off. Replacing it is very easy also.

  2. It's great to see the Rheinmetall capable of typing. Good work.

    I created those carved rubber doodads to hold the typebar rest but they have never worked very well. Maybe a simple couple of machine screws and nuts would do the trick.

    As I mentioned on my blog yesterday, I've had good luck recovering feed rollers with latex tubing (for the bigger ones) and several layers of shrink tubing (for the small ones).

    That watch reminds me of my first watch, an Omega that used to belong to my grandfather. I'm not claiming that's what it is, though!

  3. Wow you had a good day at the flea markets! Your readers would enjoy it if you took a camera with you, hint hint. Nice watch you got there. As for the Rheinmetall, I'm jealous but would not have gone for the DIY fixer project so kudos to you.

  4. Okay, some dude has officially become the Typosphere's "typewriter magnet" of the year, one fetching machine after another! I really think you should take a group shot of the typewriters you've featured in this series.

  5. You're really going NUTS on typewriters lately! Very cool additions to your quickly-growing collection.

    Interesting that this machine has the regular QWERTY keyboard and the pound sign. Must have been made for the British market, eh wot?

    Cool watches, too. You could be real FLY and wear them all at the same time!

  6. Hmm, definitely a military dial. And, if you plan on havIng children, don't put that watch in your pants pocket. I'm only half joking, but they used to use quite a bit of Radium on those old watch dials. Probably not anywhere near as dangerous as it used to be. Fine for the wrist, but don't put it near your Crown Jewels for extended periods.
    As for the brand, I couldn't say for certain, since there were a vast number of smaller watch houses producing this type off wristwatch back then. Looks like a '40s era piece, but with all that writing on the dial, I'm guessing mid-Fifties to early Sixties. Get it opened up by a watchmaker, who might be able to pinpoint a closer year. Chances are, there might be some engraving on the inside of the caseback, left there by somebody who might have worked on it in the past.
    Nice Rheinmetall too!

  7. That Rheinmetall would look great next to your Kappel in a display. And thanks for showing us the details of disassembly! The shoulder along the side gives the machine an extremely interesting and pleasing profile.

  8. @Bill- I absolutely love the easy carriage removal. Honestly, it made the repairs so much easier to undertake.

    @Richard- Yes, I was rather excited when it finally started working properly. The first sentence I wrote was, "Hey, Leila. Who's your daddy?", and then carried the paper over to her. Of course, she already heard it working after I sat at the table for an hour cursing at it. Ha! Yes, I am going to attempt a more long term fix, and little screws and nuts will probably work great.

    @Peter- The ONE time I do not grace you all with detailed and artistic photos, and someone has to complain! I had gone to bed around 2am the night before, forgot to plug in my phone, and woke up around 7am to go to the markets. Of course, I would have loved to have gotten pictures of the machines I saw, and I really think the post was lacking without them. But...I just had to tell about the ONE time I walked away from a typewriter I was interested in!

    @Ton- I have a feeling this 'series' is going to go on a bunch longer than a week. Wanted to post every night, but haven't had the time with work. However, at the end of it, I think I will take a group shot. Hadn't even thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Cameron- I really have been. That meeting, man...I have some catching up to do after seeing that collection! I love that this machine has the QWERTY layout with the otherwise German layout. It is the perfect set up for me. FLY? this something else your nephew says? HAHAH!

    @Teeritz- Good advice, there! Having a phone in my pocket all day is bad enough, now I have to worry about watches as well? Damn. It is keeping great time...when it is laying down. Once I put it on and move around, it stops a bunch. I'm sure this is something of a common problem, but I have no idea. Thanks for the general idea of production...I wouldn't have guessed it to be a military dial.

    @Will- It definitely would! Looks great next to the Olympia Elite on the table. I am going to be taking up another spare bedroom here soon, with all of these new I will be sure to try putting it next to the Kappel.

    1. There's a screw loose. In the watch, I mean. Probably a little more complicated than that, but it's nothing that a minor service wouldn't solve.

    2. Awesome. I may just have to take it in for servicing. Just have to decide if it is worth the cost to do so. I like the watch, but not nearly as much as my Hamilton.