Sunday, October 14, 2012

5th Annual WV Typewriter Collectors Meeting

There are far too many photos to include here, so I have made an album that I will link to at the bottom of the page. It has all of the other pictures I took at the meeting.

View from the stairs

'Bulls-eye' Sholes and Glidden

Writing Ball replica

Orga Privat's of various colors. Notice the Lego replicas above

Herman: Master of his domain. King of the castle.



Herman explaining the appeal of the purple ribbon on the Purple Prose Producer







Richard explaining the proportional spacing of Jack's Graphika

He was so proud of the Remette...

Jack trying out Marty's Kolibri with his ONE FINGER typing method. Pretty impressive.


Richard accepting the first ever QWERTY Award from Peter.

The Sphinx cake. The cake originally had a piece of edible paper instead of the actual piece of paper shown here. The night before the meeting, the edible paper fell apart, so it was substituted. However, Herman brought the original down to the pool room and offered it to us as 'sacrament'. It was delicious, actually.

Two of the three known Toyriters (mine one the left, Peter's on the right). Together for the first time since production.

Mark explaining the intricate history of the paper clip.

And here is the album of ALL of the pictures. There are repeats from this post, and I have yet to take the time to label all of them. Most are pretty self explanatory. Hope you guys enjoy! (It's probably best to view in full-screen)
Typewriter Collectors Meeting 2012

Also, here is a link to Herman's official website:
The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum


  1. Great photos. I really got a sense on how the meeting progressed.

    Although, scrolling down through the page, I suddenly had this moment where I thought Marty had no pants on, only to realize it was an illusion created by the next photo. Richard looks very, very proud of his Purple prose producer!

  2. Good stuff! Yeah, the ROOY is one of those things where the obsession of the inventor led to a determined end. The machine, even though abominable to type on, is quite a piece of engineering though if you take it as an exercise to deliberately minimize vertical dimension while maintaining normal keyboard size and wholly conventional machine footprint overall. And they look neat.

  3. AMAZING! What else can I say? Seeing typewriters by the hundreds is impressive in pictures, but just a fraction of how it must be in-person!

    Sounds like a great collector's meeting indeed, and that everyone appreciated your contributions.

  4. Most excellent! Thanks for sharing these photos. The machines are awesome and the geekfest looks like it was a load of fun.

  5. What a marvellous place! Thanks for the fine post. I sure wish I still lived in VA where I could have gone to the meeting. This is the 2nd one I was not able to attend.

    10 more typewriters in a week! My wife would kill me and then bury me under the machines! Besides I no longer have the big house I had in Pennsylvania.

  6. @Scott- It progressed quite nicely, as I am sure you can see. What a wonderful time! I wouldn't have been surprised if Marty suddenly didn't have any pants on, really...HA! The Purple Prose Producer is even more amazing in person. Really shines.

    @Will- Trust me, I would never call the mechanics of the Rooy anything but amazing. It is simply one of the coolest typewriter designs I have seen. That being said, I would also never call it a 'good' typewriter. I would still love to have one, and maybe even type a letter or two with it, but I am guessing that is all of the real use it would see. Marty's Kolibri was near just as thin, and it was a very nice little portable.

    @Cameron- I tell you what, man, I thought I was going to pass out from excitement at seeing all of those typewriters. It was intense, to say the least. I can only hope I will be able to be a third of the super collector that Herman is.

    @Dwayne- I was so excited to post these pictures, I could barely wait until the day after I got home. Really, though, by the time I walked in the door it was near midnight, and there was no chance of me uploading all of these.

    @Bill- Well, I hope you are able to make it out to the next one. This is the very first I have been to, and I don't plan on missing a single one for just about anything. It was such a blast! is getting tight for all of these machines. I am going to have to finish the basement and garage here soon!

    @Peter- You should have seen my face when I walked down those stairs!

  7. DAMMIT!!! I really should have gone, it would have been a 4 hour drive each way but I should have gone. I could have met so many cool people and it would have been blast. Next year I will for sure.

    1. Well, you should definitely try and make it next year! It is worth every minute of the drive, for sure. Took us five hours, and I would do it again next weekend if I had the chance!

  8. Oh FUCK!!! Excuse me while I masturbate!

    1. What a response. Lucky for you that you are in the comfort of your own home when you witnessed Herman's collection!

  9. OMG! Typewriter paradise! Thanks for reporting.