Sunday, September 16, 2012

One trans-Continental journey, and our slightly smaller one

The immense carriage of the SG1 is the only part of the machine that meets the footprint of the Ambassador. This thing is massive. Yet, it weighs a great deal less than the SG1.

While similar to the Remington Noiseless, the Continental Silenta worked on a simpler mechanism. Notice the typebars only have two characters each, as opposed to the four of the Remington. It was even advertised, and has been called, better engineered than the Remington. Beautiful.


  1. The Hermes Ambassador has got to be the most massive typewriter I've ever encountered, I saw one over at Richard's. The Continental Silenta looks very interesting and seems to be equally monstrous. You got yourself two tanks, Ken. Plus the Portable 5.

    I must say, that's quite a typewriter harvest for one day. I'm curious , what's the typewriter count to date? Perhaps you'd like to begin putting together a catalogue page for your collection, it would be interesting to keep track.

  2. That Continental is the coolest thing ever. SS typewriters are so rare I don't even have one on my want list because I think I am probably just never going to have one. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Sounds like you had a great day. I acquired two new machines yesterday, a rather uninteresting Royal Safari and a very worn but completely functional 1934 Royal Portable. Yesterday was a good day for all!

  3. Wow, what a typewriter-rich day! Thanks for sharing.

    Audible gasps and even the beginning of tears were created in Cincinnati at the sight of your beautiful Silenta. But then the emotion was chilled by that SS sign. I personally would never want to have a piece of Nazi equipment in my home. Of course, it has a lot of historical interest and I have no objection to other people collecting such items -- it's just not my cup of tea (or stein of beer).

    Congratulations on your finds!

  4. Ken - exciting post! as exciting as round 12 of last night's Martinez-Chavez Jr fight!

    im loving that continental silenta. that ones a keeper!

    another awesome blog adventure, my friend!

  5. Wow, your collection is increasing faster than a hutch full of pregnant rabbits!

    You need to do a post on where you keep all your typewriters.

    Very cool Continental! What a dramatic piece of history. The typeface is excellent.

  6. Congratulations on a very typewriter profitable day. Those massive Hermes Ambassadors are great, but not as great as that Continental. The Continental is exceptionally cool. Nice typeface and I really like the SS key.

  7. Rob was trying to get me to take a Hermes Ambassador with me the other day. He's a funny man - as the machine would be almost impossible to get onto the plane. Look at the size of that thing! They're built bigger and harder than the titanic... but they are apparently really awesome to use.

  8. wow what a haul! I'm still looking for my ambassador and SG additions. I'm learning that patience is working. nice machines, I'd be hard-pressed to leave any of them behind.

  9. Thanks to all for your lovely comments!

    @ Ton- I do plan on doing a catalogue of my machines...eventually.

    @Mark- There was another on eBay the week before this, but the seller knew too little about it, and the price was very high. I was upset to pass it up, but then this came up the next morning!

    @Richard- I can understand the apprehension towards owning something like the Continental, but I am glad you like the machine itself! It is a museum quality typewriter, and I am so glad to have this piece of history.

    @Michael- I know nothing of boxing (I assume you're talking about boxing)...but yes, it was a very exciting day!

    @Cameron- The typeface is really nice, isn't it? As you have already commented on my post of the Typewriter Room since this post, I will not bother to link you.

    @Florian- Yes, it really is! A 'big machine' day, for sure.

    @Bill- This was the first time I had ever seen an Ambassador, and it was the second Hermes I had found at flea markets in the past few months, so I was very excited.

    @Scott- I love that Robert tried to get you to take one on the plane! They would have thought it was a bomb instead of a typewriter!

    @Peter- The SG is among my favorite machines, and I use it more often than any other. It is great for long term writing, and the typeface (at least on mine) is very small and attractive. Of course, I have only used the Ambassador with a worn out ribbon, but the Sans Serif typeface is to DIE for. I will soon put a new ribbon on it and type a post with it. It types so nicely!