Sunday, September 23, 2012


How's that for fall colors, Cameron?

As you can probably tell, I had Leila help me with these photos. Except for the last one...I am taking credit for that beauty!


  1. What a great day for outdoor typing. And those are really 3 fine typewriters you found in Hoosierland!

  2. pretty nifty. I would have snapped up all 3 of those as well. I like the antares feel, but can't rightly describe it.

  3. Looks like you had perfect weather and location for some outdoor typing.
    Nice typewriter finds.

  4. Nice Fall colors, indeed. The Simpsons typewriter blended in so well with the ground that I might have tripped over it...

    That long-shot of you typing by the tree is spectacular. It looks like a painting. The Portrait of an Artist! (Van Gogh, plus an ear.)

  5. @Richard-It really was. It was late in the day, probably around 5 or so, but it was just so beautiful out. Today, it was 80...ugh.

    @Peter-I have only ever used this one (and my Underwood 18 of Antares design, as I have read) and they are decent ultraportables. I couldn't use it all the time, but it would be great for traveling.

    @Bill-Thanks! It was really nice to sit out there for a little while. The low breeze was excellent.

    @Cameron-An artist? I'm not sure. But an asshole? Yep. Portrait of an asshole! Haha. I am quite happy to say that I do, in fact, have both of my ears, though.