Saturday, September 22, 2012

A tribute to Autumn (and Cameron!)

My portable little typing station.

I didn't even know this camera had a timer! Worked out perfectly to show me in my unnatural habitat.

For those interested, here is a link to my post about this neat little Underwood:
This Leader is a Champion in my book

Here is my patio, where I wrote this post. The patio is actually the concrete roof of my garage, which sits one level lower than my basement. My house is on a huge hill, and the garage is at street level. I love the way it is laid out.

This is view from the edge of the patio to the roads below.

The left side of my yard as seen from where I sat typing. That tree is where Leila spray paints things blue...

The side of our home, as seen from the blue tree.

A bit more of the left yard. It's now officially Autumn, but this is the hottest day we have had here in a while...

A neat little brick fire-pit behind my shed. This thing looks ancient. I think the previous owners used it to burn trash.

From the left yard to the front.

Another view of the road from the edge of the hill.


  1. Very nice place you have there.

    Nifty Underwood.

  2. Perfect use for that cool Underwood case, I wish I had one of those.

    Looks like sometimes the lower parts of the letters don't print well, I wonder why.

    Nice hat!

  3. That is indeed a rare and cool case. Take care of it and enjoy it.

  4. I like the elbow room in your yard. That typewriter is perfect for the task.

  5. Nice. I like your photo with the hat and all, it looks like you're out on a vacation.

    The uneven printing issue Richard mentioned happened to me with the Studio 42. I realized that the ribbon was slightly more narrow than it should be so I simply changed it to a new ribbon with a more exact width. It worked.

  6. Thanks for the tribute!

    It's great to see you in your unnatural habitat -- but it looks VERY natural, actually.

    Your location is quite nice, with plenty of space all around. Almost rural.

    Cool little typewriter, perfect for typing outdoors. (You'd laugh hysterically watching me lug my HUGE Selectric outside from the barn.)

    There's something very attractive about the Underwood typeface -- ALL the models I've seen exhibit a rather squared-off typeface that is easy to read.

    Leila paints things blue too? Yet another similarity we share. ;-)

  7. @Bill-Well thank you! And yes, I do love how nifty this little thing is.

    @Richard-It doesn't seem to happen when I type slower and harder...only when I am typing fast. I really cannot say why.

    @Peter-I will be sure to!

    @Dwayne- I am surprised I never even thought about bringing it outside before then.\

    @Ton-Everyday is a vacation here in PA! Not really, though. That is my 'writing/traveling' hat. I just feel like I need one for said occasions. Really, it is one of the only hats I have found that doesn't make me look like an idiot. As to the ribbon, I cannot imagine the width is the problem, as this is the same ribbon I used for my Champion, and never had it look like that. I am guessing it is something with the typewriter, or perhaps the ribbon is slowly drying up and requires more pressure. When I type slow and deliberately, it doesn't turn out like that.

    @Cameron-And thank you for the inspiration! 'Almost' rural? I am surrounded by farms! It is quite rural here...haha. I would definitely love to see you manhandle (biting tongue) that Selectric outside. And yes, Leila paints everything blue. Everything. Including that tree, part of the patio, and the side of my house! She was leaning our railing (for going upstairs) against it and painting it blue! God...I don't know if that will ever come off...

  8. thank you for that lovely tour! all around my apartment is concrete building and more. i will just have to be contended typing in my dining room for now. :)