Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Typospherian induced addition


  1. Very cool! Congratulations. That is a special machine, tough to find in the US and so nice. It's funny, as soon as I saw the typing I thought you'd written it with a Remington noiseless portable.

    Southworth Paper was founded by great-great-great-great-grandfather (I think that's right) and is still a family business, so my mother as a direct descendant still gets a few dollars a year from them. What's more relevant to you is that they were the first company to make paper especially for typewriters (Remingtons).

  2. That Avona was actually on my ebay watch list for a day but I let it go for another machine (surprise). Glad it was you who snagged it!

  3. I'm glad you were able to snag an Alpina (by any other name). I have one awaiting repairs. I too have a love of the German machines.

  4. Congratulations on your find. It looks like a fine typewriter.

  5. how many is that now? 90 typers? haha!
    how heavy/big is this alpina anyhow?

    Ken, what other german typers do you have?
    if you have an sm3 or sm4, how does this alpina compare?

    1. I have an SM3, SM7, SM9, and an SG1. The SM9 and SG3 are my favorites, and this one sits right up there with them. Of course, in the looks department, you don't get much better than your gold Olympia. Beautiful, man.
      I am probably still in the mid-60's or so. I have had a few additions lately, but nothing like before. I have one other typer coming in the mail, and a few others I am interested in, at the moment.

    2. WOW!!!! thats badass that you have all those olympias! you just have to add a SF and by god you might have them all (well all the ones that matter anyhow).
      i dont think ive bought a typewriter in a long while and the itch is here!
      in fact i think id almost buy anything at this point just to satiate this craving and desire. and i know now that its addiction. the complete rush of making a machine one's own.
      the last 3 nights ive scoured craigslist all the up north to san francisco (my brother is taking a trip up there soon and he can pick it up for me) and all the way east to las vegas (thats not too far to drive if ken drives out 6hrs in the wild)... actually as far east as maine (since my other brother lives in NYC and can drive up there and take possession of it and keep it until the next time he visits CA later this month)...
      nothing good out there though.
      well theres a 1920s green royal in san diego but it doesnt have a box and i already have a royal that i am working on and its a bitch. i think that green royal is just as shitty a shape.
      and theres an everest k2 within driving distance but i dont really like it.
      and ebay is pretty much a wasteland right now.
      etsy of course is obscenely expensive its insulting.
      oh and there's a hermes rocket in LA but i honestly dont want to drive to santa monica bc of the traffic on the 10W freeway. Yes, theres even traffic on the weekends, esp now since its summer and everyone (natives and tourists) want to go to the beach.
      well, i guess i can go antiquing again soon and i guess ill start looking for spots to check out since that may be the last stone unturned.

      its getting harder and harder to find some good stuff out there!

    3. I can completely hear you on this. I check eBay, Etsy, and Craig's List all day, every day, but there has not been much out there.
      I have been looking at the Everest K2, but the only ones I have seen have been more than I wanted to spend on one of those. If it was the right price and near me, I would definitely snag one up.
      Also, I am with you on the driving situation. I hate driving in the city, any city really, and cannot imagine navigating through LA! I probably would for a typewriter, though. I have gone many places I would never, ever go in pursuit of typewriters. Dedication!

  6. Michael, sorry to interject: "I don't think Ive bought a typewriter in a long while and the itch is here!"

    Olympia Gold, kind sir? ( :