Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Imperial Army is advancing!

As you may be able to tell, I found a better setting on Leila's camera for typewriter pictures. This, coupled with the natural light (that is almost never available to me by the time I get home from work and post) gives the pictures a much better look. So, do you like it?

Also, not only did this typewriter come with the case and keys(!), but also tons of accessories!

Instruction manual.

Cleaning brush, and even an eraser with 'Imperitype' stamped on it.

Dust cloth.

The whole shebang. Aw yea...


  1. Congratulations! A great machine, with a lot of personality, and hard to find in the US. (But it has a $ sign so it was exported to the US or Canada, like the Good Companion 5 that Nick recently found.

    Speculator tells us today that Dylan Thomas used a slightly older version of this typewriter.

    1. I would have to guess it was Canada. Looking through their instruction manual, they have offices in EVERY country in the world except the US (at the time). Canada itself had 12 or so offices, but not a single mention of the US. It is always possible that someone special ordered it or moved it with them, of course.
      The post from Nick is what made me take a closer look at this typewriter. It had been on Craig's list for a week or so, but seeing his praise of it really helped me through the 3 hours drive.

      It's weird. Right before I left this morning, Robert Messenger did his post on the Imperial. When I returned, I saw the post by Dylan Thomas. I love stuff like that...

  2. I've only seen an imperial in a junk shop in Victoria. It was an old standard.

  3. Congratulations on yet another great find, Ken! Quite a handsome typewriter. The King George seal is a cool detail.

    How would you describe the typing action and feel exactly?

    I'm getting a sense that you're in an area where typewriters grow on trees, like Tacoma, Geneva, and others.

    1. The typing action and feel? Well, you know how excited you get to use a Studio 44? You cannot imagine the amount of dust they would collect after you have found one of these!
      I'm joking, of course, but must say it is most excellent. Smooth and light, yet enough for you to feel the 'oomph', you know? For swinging the typebars from the degree that it does, which is much like any Remington portable after the raised typebars (I imagine, anyway), it packs a punch, but does not require finger breaking labor.

      As for the typewriters in my area, most of it I would chalk up to luck. I honestly SCOUR Craig's List, along with eBay, several times in a day. My weekends are spent at as many flea markets, antique stores, and auctions as I can get to before closing, and I spend a lot of time on the road for some of these machines. Really, I can go an entire weekend without a single spotting. Other times, it is heaven, and I imagine it is much like this all over. Persistence and luck have been my greatest allies. Then again, I have seldom other hobbies, no television, and no friends due to social anxiety. So...I make Leila go on three hour car rides for a single machine! The hunt, honestly, is a good portion of the fun.

  4. p.s. I noticed that the carriage appears to be lower than in most machines. Agree with Richard, lots of personality. I also noticed the much improved quality of your pics, keep it up!

    1. That is one small thing. Yes, it looks nice having it lower like that, but the visibility of the current line of type is lower than standard. It is not all that bad, but noticeable when accustomed to what is the norm.
      Yes, her camera was set on 'landscape', which puts more focus on those things far away, as opposed to close ups. Of course, the sunlight helps a whole lot, but cannot claim responsibility to the clear-as-day close shots.

  5. GREAT find, Ken! Well worth the drive, and the price was right. Excellent-looking machine, with interesting typewriter ephemera.

    It was fun to read your story and share some observations. I'm glad that it helped, even in a small way.

  6. That Imperial is a great looking machine! The crest is especially officious and cool. I'm glad it types well. I just knocked out a really horribly mangled typecast on a light and snappy machine. Such a pleasure.

  7. Ken,
    youve got a great wife there dude! my wife has done her share of crazy things for me too - she's done her time so now, after 15 yrs together, i take it easy on her!
    id love to go on a 3hr typewriter hunt with her though!

    and all those flea markets and auctions and stuff - sounds like great fun!

    you know, i havent considered getting an imperial yet bc theyre hard to come by. and i have yet to look at ebay uk at all bc im scared of all that anxiety while it's in transit.

    did the seller mention how/when/where he got it?

    1. She really is a peach. Next year will be our first decade together (excusing a few small mess ups) and we still love spending time together, especially on the road. That road trip honey moon was the best thing for us, really. We now plan on doing it for our vacation every year, in different directions of course.

      I plan on getting another Imperial, most likely from UK eBay, soon. I feel the same way about the shipping, but finding another locally has to be a million to one. I did not think to ask where he got the typewriter. It matched nothing in his garage, what with all the bows and taxidermy, so perhaps it was just handed down to him?

    2. bows and taxidermy, aye? crazy. probably possible it was a family heirloom but i think its more likely he found it at an estate sale if it didnt match anything in his place.

      man, youre near convincing me to maybe pursue my own imperial too... but maybe in a couple months. by then you should probably have your next one.

      10 years - congrats! thats awesome dude!

    3. was this the guy you got your imperial from?
      Typewriter from 1920s (Salisbury)

      Date: 2012-06-19, 10:46PM EDT
      Reply to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Good companion by imperial. Trade this ol thing for ?????

      bc if not, then you can get another one!

    4. Ha. I love that you found the listing! Yes, that is the guy I bought it from. He ended up trading it for cash.