Saturday, June 9, 2012

Road Trip Honeymoon- Day 3

Due to the immense amount of typewriters found on this particular day, I am only going to post images of the better finds.

Pristine Underwood 5. I completely ignored that little sign...

Remington Travel Riter. So cute, I almost bought it.

Triumph De-Jur. I had never seen one of these before, but the price tag of $79 was too much for me.

Another almost purchase. Great cosmetic and working condition Remington 5.

Scientific American quasi-typewriter.

Fortuna. Again, another typewriter I had never seen before, but too pricey at $150, especially when it didn't work in the least.

Late model Smith Corona Sterling.

Awesome case for the Sterling.

Close-up of checker pattern on said case.

Second Oliver sighting of the trip. Two wild Olivers in the same day.

Big, ugly Hermes Ambassador.

The Ambassador's level of ugly is far surpassed by this Coronamatic 1200.

Another great looking Underwood 5.

Sorry that I do not have any pictures of the typewriters I actually purchased. Generally speaking, I just picked them up and bought them, feeling no need to photograph them as time was always of the essence and I would have a chance later. Once I have finished this series of journal entries, I will dedicate a post to all of the typewriters I brought home with us from our road trip.
Thanks for reading. There will be at least one more post tonight about the little adventure we had today. Enjoy, and as always I really appreciate your taking the time and the comments everyone has been leaving. Thanks for sharing our adventures with us.



  1. I would have tried to get the Triumph for forty or less myself. Heck of a day's shopping!

    1. At a flea market, sure. But that is the downfall of multi-dealer antique malls. The sellers are nearly never there, unless restocking, so haggling is a tad hard. You are very right, though. Had it been $40, it would have been more highly considered. Not the prettiest typewriter in the world, but it seemed to function just fine and I had never seen one. I have become pretty good at haggling, something I had never once done before collecting typewriters.

  2. Good batch of typewriter sightings. Thanks for sharing these. The machine in Sci Am looks interesting, some step on the way to the Linotype.