Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Road Trip Honeymoon- Day 1

Myself, driving.

Leila, riding along.

Edison Standard Phonograph.

First typewriter spotting of the trip. Corona Standard

Front desk to a post office that was demolished. Really really neat.

Remington Fleetwing

Newer Corona Standard

Corona Skyriter

There's gold in them thar typebars! (apparently)

That about wraps up the first day of our road trip honeymoon. There are tons of other pictures, but I will not bore you with all of those. Check back for day two, which I will post either tomorrow or Thursday.


  1. Have a great trip and happy honeymooning & typewriter hunting.

    1. Thanks, Bill. We had a really nice time but cut it a day or so short for lack of antique malls on the way back. Oh well, still lots of fun.

  2. I agree with your pricing views of typewriters so far -- I wouldn't have paid that much money for the ones you mentioned, either.

    My experience in antique malls seems to be either being offended by their overly-high prices (for everything, not just typewriters) or amazed at how reasonable the prices are.

    For example, I was happy to pay $30 for a Remington All-New Personal portable (1950, with cool case) at an antique mall in Pleasanton CA last summer. That's the first time since 2001 that I've bought a typewriter at an antique mall.

    1. We generally have more luck at the flea markets. This trip, however, was the complete opposite. I found one or two good flea market typers, but the malls in northern Ohio simply blew me away with their selection and decent prices. I had to walk away from so many typewriters...I've never had to do that before. At my normal flea market/antique mall haunts, a typewriter sighting is reasonably rare. You could spend the entire weekend, ALL day Saturday and Sunday and, if you are lucky, spot one or two. Mostly common machines. Best find I had was a Hammond 2, and that wins by a huge landslide.