Sunday, June 10, 2012

Parts, Picking, & Purchases

Back cover of the 'Money Talks'. Absolutely hysterical. Wait, wait a minute. Jermaine?!?!

Olympia SM9

Hermes Rocket

Something is missing here...

Without so much glare. If anyone with a Hermes Rocket could send me this same picture of their machine, I would really appreciate it. Also, if you could measure the size of the escapement gear I seem to be missing, that would be so very helpful. Of course, anyone with a parts Rocket can contact me at any time...

Corny and terribly written poem found inside the Hermes Rocket case. This is actually one of many different copies of this poem, all in different stages of completion. This appears to be the final product. Awful, just awful. I am guessing the author did not notice their frequent spelling, punctuation, and line spacing errors. That is, not 'write away', anyway.


  1. A Rocket for less than $20! There are plenty of those around. Someone is bound to have what you need.

    When I noticed the great typeface on this post I was going to guess Olympia or Facit since it seems they both used the same CSA type slugs. The W gives it away.

    You must have gotten one of the last Made in Germany SM-9s (if the SM-9 was ever made in Japan). The Japanese machines were not very good typers and quality was very poor. I had one that was ok. That is why it is a had. The German one is on my wish list.

  2. You two are off to a very good start on accumulating a houseful of STUFF!

    1. Yes, well...It is only the two of us in this house. Haha. Once I get the garage all fixed up there will be even more room!

      We do manage our space reasonably well, though. With two spare bedrooms and a big basement, it's not a problem. One of these bedrooms, of course, will soon be turned into my typewriter room. I am so anxious, but it is a bit of work yet.