Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello and welcome to Swinging Typebars.
Once I get this printer up and running, I will begin by posting journal entries from my recent road trip honeymoon, where my wife and I drove through several states in search of flea markets, antique malls and the like. I have documented the trip with my trusty Underwood Champion portable, along with pictures of any and all typewriter sightings and all of the neat things we found. 

Also, at our wedding I had an Underwood 150 that matched both the invitations and Leila's (my wife) dress. Using it as a guestbook, nearly everyone at the reception had a go at typing us a message and the results are rather humorous. Again, once this printer is a go (installation disc is at my parents), I can begin to scan those pages as well.

Soon to come:
Victor No. 3 restoration
Remington No. 6 restoration

Both of these typewriters are new to my collection, and they were both close in the running in my "Dirtiest Typewriter I Have Ever Seen" competition. The Remington won out, it having a full on bee's nest inside of it (or some other sort of insect...don't even want to think about it). I will post pictures of their current state, interim pictures, and finally the completed restorations.

For information about myself, if you are so inclined, check out the 'About Me' section.

I hope you enjoy the blog.
Check back and keep those typebars swinging.


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  1. I look forward to reading more! Also, congratulations to you and best wishes to your bride.