Monday, June 11, 2012

Attention Hermes Rocket Owners! (& Recent News)

Backside of Hermes Rocket with missing escapement gear. Perfect machine, otherwise...

New project: the Remie Scout. As beat as it looks, it will type great once I have installed a new drawstring. Hell, it seems to work better than some of my far prettier machines. nicely as a machine without tab, backspace, margin release, actual margins, bell, auto ribbon reversal, and ribbon color selector can work. I really like it!

Victory Exchange service sticker.

The mysterious (to me at least) Toyriter. All the info I could find is Russo's blurb. "Manufactured by Wayne Toy Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio. A well-made dial indicator typewriter, using inkpads and rubber type arrange around the circumference of the dial face." Anyone else have one or know about these?

Sent from my Oliver 9.

I will be posting the next day of our road trip honeymoon soon, so stay tuned and keep those typebars swinging.



  1. I don't remember seeing a Toyriter before. Congrats!

    Good job typing on your Oliver, with nice Printype.

    1. That makes me feel all that much better about the purchase.
      I love the Oliver. My only problem with mine is the variable line spacing. It always seems to want to double space, not matter the seeting. I actually typed that just using the platen knob. If the gear for the platen is not engaged, it seems to work fine. Puzzling...