Friday, June 15, 2012

This Leader is a Champion in my book...

And here she is. Nice looking, though nothing fancy. Notice the bits of carbon paper and the like in the back of the case.

Awesome service sticker from Lebanon, PA, which is a little over an hour from where I live. I absolutely love these local service stickers.

Side of the typewriter. Hey, wait a minute. A lock on the SIDE of the case? Hmmm...

What's this?

Dear god...

Second tier. Notice my two pitbull/labs (Zannah & Zinnie) sleeping on their new found favorite blanket.

Third Tier.

Would you look at that...

The complete package. Not too shabby...


  1. That built-in stand is so cool! I've never gotten a machine like that.

    1. I made an offer on it and drove a few hours the next day to pick it up. The seller only had one picture of the legs, only with the bottom of the case barely open. As I was inspecting it, he went to grab something, and I managed to get the legs all the way out with a screw driver. He thought they only had one tier and was something of a 'desktop stand', as he called it. Looked very disappointed at that point...
      Overall, I am very pleased with it. The typewriter is real nice, but the case is what sold it.

  2. I agree with Richard, that stand is awesome!

  3. that is so cool, a case turn to be a table!!! amazing those people created this. How nice if we still have plenty of shops selling typewriters. But nowadays it is an ipad, iphone, Mac and so on. Electronic gadgets!!!;(